Whilst there are greedy and selfish people in the world ( particularly in the pharmaceutical industry) there are many more wonderful and generous people. Indeed when we read the newspapers or watch T.V. it is easy to have doubts about humanity however this is only because the greedy people tend to work their way into positions of power in Corporations and Governments.
Because of their greed they become obvious.
It is a strange quirk of human nature that people motivated by greed and self interest work harder to satisfy their desires than people who simply want to live a good life in peace with their friends and family and neighbours.
It is a true saying that “Evil thrives when good people do nothing.”
All around the world most people are good people who quietly go about their lives and are willing to help others at a moment’s notice.
Though whilst only a few are willing to actively and directly fight evil most people are happy and willing to help others without any thought of personal gain or reward.

In my work with helping people to access affordable generic Hepatitis C treatment I am so often assisted by generous, caring people who volunteer to help me get treatment to people in countries, like Croatia, where the government stops its citizens from accessing treatment for their Hepatitis C.
These good people make up a network of helpers, an “underground railway” providing a way to help save lives. These good people do this for no monetary reward and no personal gain other than to know they are helping another human in need.
Below is an email I received today from a guy in Croatia.
He was able to get treatment for his own Hepatitis C and also for another Croatian because a person, a complete stranger, volunteered to carry the medicines across borders so he could get them.
It is a heart warming story to counteract the tales of greed and self interest so often associated with Hep C news.

Dear Greg,

Last year when I received letter from my Health insurance fund that I am rejected for Hep-c treatment. Of course I was deeply disappointed and in despair. But then I recalled that somebody earlier mentioned something about Indian Hep-c generic medications.
After little research I found out your blog and discovered your amazing story and at the same time hope. I was thrilled and shocked when I learned that is possible to get Hep C treatment for an almost 100 times less than regular price set by Gilead Co. I read all the stories and became aware that purchase will not be easy for me because national restrictions about importing these new Hepatitis C drugs in Croatia. I knew from beginning that will not be possible to receive meds by mail and that I need to find some way.
Next day I wrote email to you and described my situation and asked for help. You replied immediately and offered some valuable information’s and contact persons. From the beginning I felt deep down that I found good and honest person on the other side of planet who I can trust. At the first moment I thought to fly to Mumbai and meet the person to buy Harvoni with contacts I got from you, but eventually I gave up of that idea because I was afraid of Croatian Customs on the way back, that they would take my medicines.

There were still some other options suggested earlier by you and one was to find somebody in UK to receive medications for me. Other option was your contact in Serbia but it would be more expensive. While I thought about how to do it and other necessary preparations and consultations with my doctor I received email from you with information that it is possible to arrange medications for Berlin what was best option for me.
It was not too far away and my close friends living there what was good opportunity to see them.
So with your good advice I went there to Berlin to meet the wonderful Mrs. L### who brought me medications from India just to help me, someone she saw for the first and probably last time.
Few weeks ago I completed treatment and yesterday received HCV RNA test which confirmed that the virus was not detected. Also I have to mention that the doctors here supported me during the treatment and done all necessary tests without problem.

I do not how to express my gratitude to you because you literally saved my life. I have small baby girl and now I do not have to worry to infect her or anybody else, it is so relieving.

Thank you Greg from the bottom of my heart and wish you and your family all the best.

Kind regards,
###### from Croatia

So a stranger helped another stranger with no thought of reward. This is the best of being human!