29th January 2016
I am not writing in my blog as regularly as previously because most of my time is now divided between doing my PhD at the University of Tasmania and helping people around the world get access to affordable Hepatitis C treatment. With the Australian government making Hep C medicines available with a subsidy on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) demand for my assistance in Australia has reduced significantly but not entirely. This has enabled me to focus on helping people with Hep C around the world access generic Hep C treatments.

Over the months I have developed quite an understanding of the International Hepatitis C situation and how Big Pharam has manipulated the market places around the world creating situations, where doctors and other health professionals refuse to prescribe generic Hepatitis C medicines even though they prescribe every other form of generic medicines.

Obviously Big Pharm has focused most of their attention on gaining control of the markets in the large wealth countries in Europe and North America because this is were the huge profits reside.

Regardless of that it is still possible for people in all those countries to access affordable Hep C treatment. In Europe anyone who lives in a country to prohibits the importation of generic Hep C meds for personal use, such as France, Germany, Italy, Ireland and so on can simply fly to the UK and stay there about 5 days and have the Harvoni or Sofosbuvir sent to an address there. Its perfectly legal and simple if you are from an EU country.
If a person lives in an Eastern European country they can do the same thing by going to Romania or Moldova and organising a shipment address there.

If anyone is interested in those options I can email information on the exact process.

Meanwhile generic Hepatitis treatments in the USA are flowing through. More and more US doctors are now writing prescriptions for generic Harvoni and other generic Hep C treatments from India. This is happening because they are seeing the results of those people who have undertaken treatment of their Hep C with India generic Harvoni or the Sof+ Daclatasvir combination. They are writing prescriptions and supporting their patients if the importation is challenged by the FDA, which is happening less and less.

Recently I received a phone call from an Attorney in the USA whose client I helped to import generic Harvoni from India. This client, like many US people with Hep C, had health insurance but was refused access to Gilead’s Harvoni because he “was not sick enough”.

I hear this story again and again from the USA where people have had Health Insurance all their working life and then been refused access to treatment in the USA and been forced, in desperation, to buy generic Hepatitis C treatment from India.

Anyway this attorney is based in Kentucky and he is organising a law suit against his client’s Health Insurer. He would like to hear from anyone in Kentucky or Florida who has been refused coverage by their health insurer and may be interested in joining a class action to sue this Health Insurance company.

If you are interested please email me (gregjefferys@outlook.com) and I will send you this attorney’s contact details.