1st October 2015
Well I guess the new month is the time to give you an update on my own life and what has been happening.
Firstly, health wise, things are great. My energy, strength, fitness and general health are improving noticeably every day. It is only when treatment if fully over and the meds have left your system that you really notice just how much the Hep C had knocked you around. Its very profound and very amazing how quickly the body recovers once the viral load has gone.
In my life generally I am pretty much consumed answering emails and helping people organise getting generic medicines for treating their Hepatitis. On average I get over 100 emails every day of the week. So far today I have received more than 130 emails, by the time I go to bed tonight it will be more like 150.
I try to answer all the emails every day because if I do not they back log becomes too big to deal with.
Now I should say here that I am happy to do this. Indeed I feel greatly honored to be able to help people reclaim their health. Having lost my health and had it returned I know there is no greater gift. I am grateful to have received it and I am grateful to be able to help others also get their health back.
It is a great shame that I can not sing the praises of the people who invented these new drugs because their greed has marred the greatness of their gift. Instead I must praise the people in India and China and Australia who have made the generic versions of these new drugs available.
When I am not answering emails I do work around our house. We live in a house built in the 1890’s in southern Tasmania. Being a house built of timber there are always a few jobs to do.
I also work in my vegetable garden, where I grow veggies for our table and also for the kitchen of the hotel in our village.
And of course I go trout fishing at least once a week and try to get out on a river or lake in my kayak at least once a week.
And at least once a week my wife and I go and spend an afternoon with my son and daughter-in-law and my first grandson who is now 9 months old.
When I discovered I had Hep C last year and the prospect of liver cancer loomed large I was really worried that I would not live long enough for my grandson to remember me but now I know that I will and I rejoice for that gift.
My life is very good and I am grateful for it.