24th July 2015
Oh oh I am so naughty.... I should have gone for my 8 weeks blood test last week but I keep forgetting to make the appointment! Now I’m at the end of week nine and still not got the tests. It’s not the ribavirin... it’s just me; I’ve always been like that. I’m not forgetful I just get distracted easily.
Before I get onto my Western Union rant again I will share another slice of good news that I received today from another person who has just got their 12 days blood results back.
G’day Greg,  good to hear your raging along well. After 12 days of treatment my viral load is <15 down=“” from=“” 1=“” 910=“” 000=“” next=“” thursday=“” is=“” my=“” 4=“” week=“” bloods=“” and=“” i=“” m=“” fingers=“” crossed=“” it=“” s=“” zero=“” would=“” like=“” to=“” order=“” another=“” 3=“” mth=“” supply=“” of=“” sof=“” rib=“” do=“” need=“” prescription=“” thanks=“” for=“” all=“” the=“” hard=“” work=“” your=“” doing=“” don=“” t=“” know=“” how=“” you=“” can=“” while=“” on=“” treatment=“” d=“” be=“” able=“” help=“” somehow=“” but=“” flat=“” out=“” coping=“” with=“” things=“” here=“” at=“” moment=“” me=“” difference=“” having=“” ribavirin=“” without=“” interferon=“” not=“” crying=“” other=“” sides=“” are=“” what=“” was=“” expecting=“”>
This person had done the old interferon/ribavirin treatment and it had failed so he was not looking forward to eating ribavirin again. Fortunately it was not as bad as it had been with the interferon but still he was not enjoying the old Riba.
So far everyone is getting great results from their generic treatments and those results are flowing through into the medical system. Medical practitioners are talking about it and specialists are now suggesting that their patients use the Indian generic sofosbuvir because they cannot get sofosbuvir any other way. Once we can get access to generic Harvoni and daclatasvir we will just about have this beast beaten!
Also, I am getting a lot of emails now, I would like to tell you that I feel it my duty to answer every email I get, personally. If by some chance you write to me and you do not get a reply please write again as it just means your email slipped through somehow. I will answer everyone.
Now my Western Union rant!
So after them phoning me and apologizing for all the inconvenience they have caused and assuring me that everything would be fine I drove to town and sent the money for an order to India. Three hours later India sent me an email and said it was still blocked. 
So I rang Western Union again and was apologized to again and assured (again) that it would be all fixed tomorrow.
So the next day I drove into town and sent the same order again (third time) and three hours later I got the email... still blocked. Unfortunately, I had just swallowed my evening dose of ribavirin and it kicked in when I was on the phone to some Chinese person in one of Western Union’s Asian sweatshops....I will not go into details but after an hour, yes ONE HOUR, on the phone I finally got put through to their head office in the USA and spoke to someone who could understand what I was saying and spent another half hour talking to him. He was very sorry for the inconvenience. He would contact his supervisor. The supervisor would contact me by email or telephone in less than 24 hours blah blah blah. Of course 24 hours has passed and I have heard nothing from Western Union. In the mean time we have started sending all money by international bank transfers. It takes three days to process rather than being instantaneous so that slows down the delivery process but at least it happens smoothly.