Truth be told, technology, apps, or gadgets do not easily sway me. I’d be the first to raise my hand if volunteers were needed to give up their mobile device. However, that was before I fell head first into HepCure. It’s one of the best health-related apps I’ve ever seen, and for this hep C nerd, it is my new favorite app since I removed Candy Crush from my phone because it was addictive. 
HepCure was designed for patients, hepatologists, and primary care providers. (I highly suggest passing HepCure’s link along to your primary care doctor or specialist.) HepCure’s website offers over 30 webinars, including a recent update of the 2015 Liver Meeting. Don’t worry if you missed a webinar, the content is archived. Scroll down to useful resources, all elegantly displayed in this user-friendly site. 
But that is just the beginning. The real treasure is the app for people with hep C who are pursuing treatment. The HepCure patient app supports patients from beginning to completion of treatment, and beyond. Available for both Android and iOS, the HepCure app is like a partner in hep C treatment. You can record your symptoms, treatment, labs, etc. There are helpful handouts, patient videos and tons of information on hep C medications. All of this information is at your fingertips. 
The beauty of the HepCure app is that if you enter your information into it, you have it with you when you see your medical provider. When your doctor asks what your hep C symptoms are, and your mind goes blank, it’s there on your phone. At the end of the appointment, you can mark your appointment on the app’s calendar and keep all of your hep C info in one place. If your medical team uses the app, you can stay connected. In my opinion, the app looks like it would benefit the provider as much as the patient. 
The best part is it’s free. So, tell your fellows with hep C and every doctor you know about HepCure. Move over Candy Crush, HepCure is here. 
P.S. A Hep Forum member tested out the app and wrote back this great summary:
  • It charts your labs
  • It charts your symptoms
  • It tracks your meds
  • It allows providers to track with you (although I did not link that with my providers, so I’m not sure how that will work with more and more facilities having their own patient portals)
  • Has calendar for adding appointments, etc
  • It locked up several times when saving data. (My idevice is jailbroken, this could be a contributing factor. It was easily rectified with a soft reset and re-opening app)
  • Symptom list does not include all the symptoms and no way to add them.
(Thanks Rubi)