29th June 2015
I guess I should not be surprised that my computer was hacked again last night and access to Internet Explorer blocked. Fortunately, after the previous hacking attack I keep my website hardware and software totally separate and all the net at all times except when downloading an update.
A few interesting bits of information have been brought to my attention. One is that Gilead actually donates to many (not all) of the major Hep C advocacy groups around the world, tens of thousands of dollars to each group and who knows how much to certain people with those groups.
So if you contact your local Hep C advocacy group about getting Indian meds don’t surprised if they throw you the “Indian medication is dangerous, fake and illegal.” It is all rubbish.
My own experience, since entering the world of Hep C advocacy, is that none of my local Hep C advocacy groups have ever replied to an email I sent. Not even once. That applies to mainland Australia and Tasmania.
I know this might sound like a paranoid rant but it is my experience, but please make up your own mind what is going on. But think about the billions and billions of dollars Gilead is making from the combined suffering of millions and millions of human beings around the world.
Don’t expect anything much from me today. I have got the worst attack of Man Flu in recorded history. It turns out that you can not take Aspirin with ribavirin; it thins the blood too much, which explains why I spitting up globs of blood this morning. Next time check medication compatibility dummy.
I am answering emails, seeking sympathy and sleeping... that is it for today!