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Hepatitis C Treatment: How Long Does it Take to Recover?

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I finished an 8 week Mavyret Feb of '19, was cleared of Hep C in July of '19. I've felt terrible ever since. It is now middle of November 2020. I've read every forum and they say some feel better immediately, some as long as 3 years. I feel bad everyday. There's no way I can work 8 hours a day like I have all my life. My Dr thinks it's depression, and has put me on 2 anti-depressants, which were a nightmare. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever feel good again.

November 19, 2020 United States


I just finished my treatment 2 weeks ago, I have been sooo itchy ever since?? Is that anything to worry about..It had happened during treatment, but is this related?? Anyone???

October 19, 2020


Diagnosed w/ Hep C almost 20 years ago, 2 years ago it hit me, skin dry, always tired, some nausea. Had liver scan w/ some minor scarring but liver is functioning at normal levels. I am now on Epclusa, starting on week 6, I am half way through!YAY. I have to say, aside from mild headaches, being very tired & some brain fog, I seem to be tolerating it pretty well. I am happy to hear that skin gets better, nails, etc after tx. Good luck to everyone! It WILL get better, positive attitude helps!

September 16, 2020 Georgia


I was diagnosed with hep c in Dec 2019. I went to ER because 2 knee shots full of cortisone caused my blood pressure to sky rocket. Started Harvoni in Feb for 3 months. Its Sept 14, I still feel terrible. I have chronic diarrhea, extreme fatigue, edema, lost half my beautiful hair and I'm starting to think I'll never have a normal life again. Reading these comments is helping me feel some hope. My doctor literally looked at me and said what do you want me to do. So I'm not seeing a doc

September 15, 2020 St Louis


I got off Epclusa about 4 weeks ago. My liver specialist will be checking to see if I’m cured of HepC end of July. Anyway, I’ve had a few more side effects, like coughing bad, a little more edema, depression, and what I’d had all along... fatigue & brain fog. Has anyone else experienced this stuff after finishing it and what about this cough that won’t go away?

July 6, 2020


I am 58 years old, was cured in 2015 and have never recovered from the adverse effects of Harvoni and the effects of the disease. I have been diagnosed with what I have been told by my specialist there is no cure for: Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I also have osteoperosis, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, bulging discs, sleep apnea, deteriorating teeth and fragile lungs with a history of collapsing from the development of blisters on the surface of the lungs.

May 24, 2020 Plainfield, NJ


I just finished Epclusa treatment and am counting down the weeks for SVR I don’t feel any pain in my right side anymore and I’m starting to eat solid foods again without puking ???? it all back up a few hours after eating it! yay! It’s rough at first ( like steel wool being pulled through all your veins utterly ghastly! The headaches are hellish but manageable through hydration. So hang in there it will get easier! Getting on it and off it is rather yuk! The headaches go away.

April 13, 2020 Australia


I was told taking epclusa the side effects could go away immediately after treatment and or as my viral load goes down I could start feeling better during treatment I'm a week and a half into this just wondering what is going to happen

March 28, 2020


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