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Hepatitis C Treatment: Together, Staying Strong

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Matt Starr

Seyomur, Thanks for commenting. It sounds like you love using your body (communting to work via bike) like I do. It's great to hear you're still pedaling. I hope to return to some things, like the bike, in a few weeks. Thank you. It's inspiring to hear your fortitude in the face of hep c meds fatigue. To picnics someday! Matt

September 27, 2015

Seyomur Akshun

It gets to all of us in the end. Despite the fact that these new drugs are a miracle in comparison to interferon based treatments, it is still no picnic. I'm six weeks into treatment and I've spent most of this weekend sleeping. I'm still riding my bike to work every day, but a bit slower up the hills.

September 27, 2015


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