28th Sept 2015
Another email, another brilliant story of healing.
Hi Greg
Time for an update - 
I had my first monthly blood test and it showed that I am virus free in only 4 weeks!! Amazing! The crippling fatigue was my most prominent symptom  from having Hep C- I used to spend up to eight hours a day lying down (before night sleeping), dragging myself around for necessities in between. Now I am not tired at all and wondering what the hell people do at seven o’clock in the morning! Am looking forward to finding out though - can’t thank you enough. 
Hope all is going well with you   
So the good stories are flowing in, there are a lot of new options, new doors opening this week. Exciting times. 
Now you may be wondering why I keep raving on about getting started with an appropriate treatment now. I know I am ranting about it but there is a reason.
Let me tell you the story of a person that I know.
He got Hep C about 25 years ago. He was in a car accident, sitting in the passenger seat beside the driver. The driver had Hep C.
Car accident... glass, blood, cuts and grazes. He caught Hep C from the driver and found out about it within a week.
The Hep C sat in his body for 25 years without doing much. At age 50 it stirred a little and his specialist decided to do 3 monthly check ups. Everything was fine, LFTs were not high, liver showed no lesions or other problems.
Then BANG sometime in between one 3 monthly test and the next the Hep C went crazy. Elevated enzyme levels, three cysts in the liver, the beginnings of cirrhosis. It happened that fast.
Fortunately this happened not long ago and he had heard about the new treatment options and started treating his Hepatitis C with generics about 6 weeks ago and instead of things getting rapidly worse they are now getting rapidly better.
But what would have happened if he had not been getting a 3 monthly check up? What if he had been getting a check up every twelve months? Things could have got a lot lot worse before he started treatment.
What if, instead of starting on the Indian generics immediately he had waited for the generics to get listed on the PBS and was still waiting in 6 months time?
Don’t put off until tomorrow that which you can do today.
A stitch in time saves nine.
A gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure.
He who hesitates in lost.
Etc Etc