I’m beginning Week 7. My medication weeks begin on a Tuesday, so today is the first day of Week 7. I am a bit over a quarter of the way through this 24 week treatment program for Hepatitis C. 

I’ve hit the “this is all normal” stage. Generally, managing the drugs is no problem. I have strategies worked out in case I’m away from home and a good routine when I am home. Everyone around me knows where I’m at health-wise, head-wise and work-wise. They make allowances, I make allowances, we all make allowances. 

I’m managing my side effects by being lucky enough not to have too many debilitating ones. so far so good. I have all the weird and wonderful blood test results, the “what on earth is going on THERE” results. But apart from a few weird ones, in terms of treatment the important ones are generally doing what they should be doing. 

The side effects for me consist largely of haemoglobin that’s not dangerously low but certainly lower than I normally have,  and tiredness. I deal with the former by working around it and the latter by taking the time I need to make myself feel better. I do realise how lucky I am to have that luxury. I have a LOT of accumulated sick leave and that gives me options.

So let’s stay tuned for my monthly blood test result freak out in two weeks time shall we? Should be lots of fun. For you, anyway.

Apart from that, no advice, no words of wisdom, no semi-philosophical rants ...you’ve suffered enough over the past few weeks. I’m giving you a free pass tonight. Enjoy it!