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Hi Lori, You asked if you would need to take "ribo" I assume you are referring to Ribavirin. And the answer is no, fortunately, the new antivirals are stand alone and very effective for every genotype. As far as your current meds interacting with Hep-C drugs, only a few meds are contraindicated, your Dr and pharmacist will assure you about that. I understand the nerves, pain, and questions...maybe you can find a Hep-C Forum online, here's one

May 18, 2017 Colorado


Going to be seeing my GASTROENTEROLOGIST next month to get the cure for my Hep C genotype 3a. Anyone have any advice. I have chronic pain issues and am on pain management meds. And high BP. On meds for that also. What is the procedure prior to getting the cure meds. Will I also have to go on the ribo med also. VIRAL LOAD was 2530000. PCP is litterally nagging me to get the cure. Which I want to get, for I am feeling so terrible and tired. Will I have complications with my other meds? I'm nervous

May 16, 2017 Colorado


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