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Hepatitis C Final Treatment Update

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claudette MacIntosh

wELL DONE also thank you so much for the sentence below besides fighting the illness and having to hide it Journalist with no idea that 60,000 Canadians got Red Cross Tainted Blood continue to list iv drug use first further stigmatizing the victims The blood to blood disease is spread mainly by infected blood products and blood tools,

May 21, 2014


i love your story it has been my life long dream to bein wwe but give it up when i found out i have hep c i am so glad that someone that i have watch on tv for years is stand up and talken about hep so glad to here your r clear and your r one of the lucky one thank for yours story it gives me hopes not to give up on my dreams i am only 23 i want to get treatment and get on with the rest of my life

May 15, 2014


Hello! I just read your story and had to say Congratulations! I know how hard the triple tx is and I commend you for going through it. I finished my treatment in 2012 and have been clear/cured since then. Thank you for sharing your story. There are many who do not know how it is transmitted. They think either IV drug use or a blood transfusion. They do not know all the others ways it can be transmitted. I am not sure why the other ways are not very public. I have read that 75% of people who have it are not aware they have it. It is very sad to think there are all of these people who have the "shadow disease" and won't know until they get cirrhosis. Bless you for sharing. We need more people to share, to bring awareness to a virus that is killing more people than AIDS. Dee

April 25, 2014

David Guillen

Hey Devon! First off, I would like to say congratulations on the GREAT news of you conquering Hep C!! I remember hearing about your ordeal with the disease after doing some research on Hep C when my girlfriend, who is a nurse, was negligently stuck with a needle by a co-worker. The patient they were taking care of apparently had no knowledge that she had Hep C, so needless to say, it was very scary for us. After the required testing and time had passed, we were informed that my girlfriend was not infected, thank God! I still followed your story, as I am a huge wrestling fan, and appreciate what you do in and out of the ring. You can see how much you respect wrestling's past, as well as its future, which I'm sure you'll have a great impact. I just wanted to shoot you an email and tell you how immensely happy I am for you and your family, and look forward to following your career in the future! All the best, David Guillen

April 13, 2014


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