Today I read a great post in one of the Hepatitis C support groups on Facebook I am involved in and it inspired me to write this little post.

Facebook has been getting a lot of bad press lately however I would like to say that, like everything in life, Facebook can be used for good or evil. It is a tool, and everything depends on who wields that tool and for what purpose.  Much like a like a hammer Facebook can be used to build or to break down.

So I would like to talk about Facebook Hepatitis C support groups and how wonderfully these groups give support and share important information. Various Hep C support groups enable people who have been through the whole process to share their experiences with people who have only just discovered they have Hepatitis C. There are a number of Facebook Hepatitis C support groups and most of them are fabulous, run by dedicated and selfless people.

A couple of groups have agendas and philosophical positions that I do not agree with and am not involved with, however most of the groups, as I mentioned, are simply there to give support and any form of assistance or advice that a person with Hepatitis C needs.

The group I founded and am most involved with is called Hepatitis C Treatment Cure and Community...

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