Receiving treatment for Hepatitis C, and dealing with the virus and liver disease is a roller coaster ride of slow, steady climbs up and screaming descents. 
This might be a low time for you. Many of us have swings between feeling good or at least reasonably well, and bottoming out. That bottom often resides alongside doubt, fear, loss of control, and a haunting voice that echoes inside. “Why, why, why does this have to be happening?”  
These are dangerous waters to wade in, and if we stay in these waters for long, feelings of depression can settle in. Obviously, this gets in the way of our ability to become healthier and apply a mind/body self-motivated healing process.
Knowing that, I still fall into those lows sometimes; I suppose most of us do. But, I have a strategy for turning towards the light, and it is attainable to anyone who is willing to work at it. The first step means taking an honest look inside my heart to remind me what my Life Purpose is. You can identify your Purpose, too. What do you want to do with your life? What is the thing that feels most important for you to live for? What is the impact you want your life to have? What would you want people to remember you for after you’ve passed?
Brainstorm, without an inner critic, and write some things down. Go through as many versions as you need, to be able to define your Purpose, your Vision. Try to find a resonant choice, and write it on an index card in a few sentences. Doing this is an accomplishment for all people, and for those of us with serious illness it keeps us focused on what can happen, rather than on what has already happened. The question of “Why,” doesn’t help you to heal, but “What I want from my life,” if honestly answered, will help.
Next, you find positive attitudes and actions that will enhance the chances of your Purpose being realized. This can be a short list, and can be expanded with time, but make sure the actions you imagine doing are within your range at this time, and that you can reasonably commit to doing them. No action or attitude shift is too small. Everything counts toward enabling yourself to eventually live your Vision and, in the process, find better health in the mind and body. One thing is critical. Don’t cheat yourself. Follow through on your promise to yourself.
Making a shift away from the low points of Hepatic C treatments or long-term liver problems is possible, and many things help to make change. Get what you want out of life, and stay motivated even if compromise sometimes makes that vision muddled. Stay the course, even through the low points.
Open yourself to the new, and be willing to work to make your joy rise and your life, when sick and healthy, sing with meaning. I try all the time to do this, although sometimes I come up short. But, I will not give in to the lows of Hepatitis C and liver disease. I will take my lumps when they come and pick myself off the ground, dust myself off, and head back into the positive work that moves me forward. This is obtainable for you as well.
Hire a health coach, use the multiple sources of help I mentioned in my post last week, or just dig in your heels and motivate yourself in the short and long term to get what you desire out of the unknowns of your current life.
You can do it.
Anything is Possible.