Woah! Where did THAT 5 days go?

Into vital reports that had to be compiled and proofread and many many hours spent managing a really large sporting event. That’s where.

question-mark-366405_640.jpgToday I’d like to pose some questions that I often ponder.

  • Why is there hepatitis C in the world?

  • Why is it so hard to cure?

  • How smart do you have to be to invent a cure for this thing - I mean really REALLY smart, right?

  • Who do you think they are, these really really smart people? Don’t you wish just once you knew their names and could drop them a thank you? I do! I’d like to send a big ol’ packet of Tim Tams to the people who invented Viekira Pak! Ribavirin, not so much, maybe a small packet for them. Sorry, Ribavarians.

  • Why was it called non A non B for so long? Isn’t it just OBVIOUS to give it the next available letter - to wit, C? I was diagnosed with non A non B hepatitis and I thought “Man, they can’t even be bothered to give it its own LETTER!”

  • How many letters are we up to with hepatitis now? Is it E? Is there an F? 


  • What will happen if we run out of letters? 

  • Why does everything normalise after a while? Nothing about my life is really normal right now! I’m on more drugs than the entire cast of Breaking Bad (all legal, guys, settle down ...). I have done so many bloodtests the pathology department knows me by name. And yet - I get up, walk the dog, go to work, come home, cook dinner, go to bed and it starts all over again.

  • Why do you read these ramblings of a hep C patient who clearly needs more sleep? And finally ...

  • How can we give thanks and give back to the community that has supported us - the fellow travellers in our Hep Tribe? Are you advocating for better access to the new drugs? Are you lobbying? Have you contacted your member of parliament? Are you talking to friends and family about how important treatment is? Are you sharing your fears, your joys, your trials and tribulations so people know what it is like to live with this virus and how there are real possibilities for a cure?