5th September 2015
Pressure on Mesochem to restrict access to Hep C APIs
The many people who are waiting for Harvoni rather that using the Sof/Dac or Sof/Sim treatments that are available now should take note of this important event.
Until Friday last week Mescochem was shipping the API form of medicines such as Daclatasvir and Ledipisvir etc around the world no problem. Send the order and the money and you got the meds within a few days. Treatment began, healing began and everyone was happy.
Not anymore!
As of Friday Mesochem refused to send meds to anyone unless they were a drug manufacturing company or part of a research project. 
This shows us how much pressure Big Pharma can exert, even in China. A lot of people who were in the process of organising their treatment using a Mesochem API as a component are now being told that they can not have it.
However there is a way around this... for the moment anyway. (I know that even as I write this piece Big Pharma follows my blog and will be aware of what I am about to tell you before you are)
I am running a research project compiling the results from people using generic Hep C meds and Chinese APIs. I invite you to be part of this project by sending me copies of your test results as you get them as well as the type of meds you are using and dose rates etc. I will be compiling these results and writing a paper for publication in a medical journal. So if you do this you are part of a research project.
I stress that this is a genuine research project. I am currently doing my PhD and also have a Master’s Degree.
So when you write to Mesochem to order your API please make it clear that you are taking part in a research project. This will work for a while but I would expect that Big Pharma will find a way to close this down eventually... their greed and cruelty knows no bounds!
I even encourage people to begin their own research projects or ask their doctor or specialist to initiate a research project. The subject of generic medicines vs branded medicines is an important one and deserves many research projects.
Get Well and Stay Well