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Hepatitis C and Organ Donation

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Lucinda Porter, RN

I am so sorry that I am not able to offer concrete guidance on this. I would call the closest medical school. Your brother-in-law has a generous spirit! I wish you all a sacred and meaningful experience as he faces death.

September 24, 2018

Debra jones

My brother in law wishes to donate his body to science but because he had hep c I have been unable to find a place. The end is near and although we know a body farm will take him that is not an idea he or my sister will entertain. If there is someone out there that could offer us any information, guidence it would be most appreciated. As I said the end is near, please help if you can.

September 24, 2018 Kentucky


I can't believe I can donate, I was told that was not possible but it makes sense. Thank you so much I had always been a donor until I was diagnosed after giving blood. I will change it this week.

June 5, 2017


I'm so happy I can be an organ donor. I'm free of the virus post treatment 16 years age. I had the really hard treatment and I know I shouldn't be cured. Interferon and Rebretron 3 shots a week 6 pills a day for a year. Never been so sick in my life. I was losing a pound a day!!!

February 13, 2016 russellville alabama

Mckenzie Robinson

I've always thought one day I will sign my driver's license to give my organs. This week I finally decided to sign them, and now that I have read this important information, every questions I had are answered thanks to you my wonderful Lady Lucinda. Love your blog, answers many important issues about this virus, and all associated with it.. thanks again Lucinda, you are our Earth Angel... Mckenzie One day at the time

May 2, 2015


Thank you so much Lucinda for writing this particular blog. You know how much I have wanted this information *at my fingertips* for those that think we can't be organ donors with hep C. I am so glad that UNOS got back to us and verified what we already knew :-) Wish I could get the CDC to change their website. I have been working on that for years! THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the you continue to do! The HCV Community is blessed to have you.

April 13, 2015


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