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Hepatitis C News: EASL Recommendations on Hepatitis C Treatment

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Lucinda K. Porter, RN

I don't call people, and I try not to get into this detail with others. I highly recommend the Hep Forums ( for asking these questions. One note - it is important to know if you are allergic to the IVP dye or to iodine which is often in the dye. My husband learned about his iodine allergy during a procedure that used the dye, and now he can't eat shellfish. See if you feel itchy or swollen if you eat crab, lobster, etc It often worsens over time. I wish you the very best as you sort this out.

September 22, 2015

Mollie Jane Miller

After 2 failed attempts of treatment: 1) Interferon-peg ( approxmate date 1997-8 ) First Dr. to diagnose and begin testing. 2}Interferon & Ribavarin ( approx. date 2001 ) Second phy. Then NOTHING! My current GI forwarded my records per request to my PA. He said I have not kept appts with him. We had a very unfortunate repore. Other than wanting me to have endoscopies and colonoscopies he never made it a point to advise me of any new treatmenst. I am a geno-type 1. Don't know the sub-grouping for my geno-type. In searching online I am finding that Viekira w/wo Ribavarin MAY help me. Even with Cirrhosis. What say ye? *I had the viral load tests and Ultra sounds & labs. *IAM ALLERGIC TO IVP DYE!! So thats out. * Also: that liver biopsy methods have changed since my last treatment. I had the 'ol needle-thru-the side testing. Please tell me the name of this method of testing and any further info that may help me. I am searching for a different GI. I have been told that my current one does not schedule HIS patients with any other within his practice. I worry that all his negative summaries will follow me to a new GI. What can I do to ensure another phy will not form an opinion based on this GI's report and ruin my chances of successful treatment and NOT begin another futile attempt for treatment? Thank you!

September 22, 2015


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