boy-705208_1280.jpgThis is what my grandmother would call a misery guts post.

My 4 week VL results came back, and after some confusion, we worked out that they weren’t just written as a number like they usually are, but a log thingie (very technical I know!) that had to be multiplied by 1000. Working that out, my VL is 40. That’s only 5 less than a week and a half ago <insert pathetic face here>

My ALT and AST are still dropping and are now in normal range. My GGT and bilirubin are normalising too They aren’t in normal range yet but it’s getting close. Protein and albumin are in normal range.


I so wanted this to be a happy post. I wanted to be one of the cool kids who went undetected by 4 weeks. But I still have at least 25 of the little beggars left to go.

<heavy sigh>

So forgive me this small lapse into unsightly pathos. I’ll work my way round this. But tonight I’m a bit sad.

Swings and roundabouts. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. Karmic balance. Or so I’ll keep telling myself.

Anyway, if I am going to look for a positive (and I really should try or you’ll all abandon me for excessive whining) I have a few.. 

My GP paid me a compliment today. She told her medical student observer to listen carefully while I explained my condition to her. She said “Grace knows more about hep c than most people and she uses her knowledge well”. So that’s nice.

She also gave me an extra day off a week. Remember I said I was going to do something about feeling overburdened and that I couldn’t cope at work? I actually did it. And I didn’t think of work all day.

And I need to remember things are trending in the right direction. Not everything does what I tell it to. Not even my own children.