24th June 2015
Well I have not written anything here since Sunday because I have been so busy answering emails. I am getting 50 or more emails every day from people wanting to find out more about getting the Indian generic sofosbuvir. I have made it my task to answer every email personally rather than just sending out a pre-written response. Occasionally I miss an email so if you do write to me and do not get a reply please just write again because I do occasionally miss an email through the day. I will write back.
Today I received my first email from someone who had followed my path into India and returned home with his medication. He wrote that he spent 8 days in India and returned home with the medication with no problems! Below is an extract from his email.
Hi Greg,
Just got back from India. I was there for about 8 days. Brought all the medicine back without a problem. I did find out though with the FibroScan that 48% of my liver was damaged. The Doctor wanted to put me on peginterferon with the Sovaldi and Ribavirin but I didn’t want to do the Peginterferon. I have heard too many bad things about it.
He understood my concern but he said that was not his standard of care and I would only have to do 12 weeks with the Peginterferon compared to 24 to 36 weeks without it.
I hope I made the right decision.
I also had a cat scan done to make sure that there was no Liver Cancer with that much damage to my liver. It came up negative. But he wants my Doctor here in the states to monitor some levels in my blood test to make sure it doesn’t appear just in case it was to small to detect.
So I have to do 24 weeks of Sovaldi and ribavirin and then go back for more test and he wants me to do the Harvoni for another 12 weeks.
He said in quite a few cases the hep C did return after the initial treatment without the Peginterferon. That’s why he wants me to come back for Harvoni when it becomes available in India in the next 3 to six months. It is the better of the two medicines with also less side effects.
The cost of all my blood test was around a little over $100 US in India compared to $1200 in the USA and it took 2 hours for the results instead of the 2 weeks it took in the USA. 
The cost of the Cat Scan was $120 compared to as much as $5,000 in the USA.
The whole trip cost about $4,500 compared to the $170,000 for the medicine in the USA not including the blood and liver tests.
I went to Fortis Hospital in Chandigarh for all my test and the doctor there was great his name was Mohinish Chhabra. One of the leading Doctors in the field. 
One of the reasons I went to Chandigarh is it is a very clean city and comparatively easy to get around. When booking hotels it’s better to go to the Hotels directly for the best prices.
Please use this information to help others.
I think it is imperative for people, if they can afford to get the FibroScan done before treatment.
Lets get healthy, all the best and all love,
P.S. Thanks for your blogging it really did help me in my decision to go to India for the treatment.