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Hepatitis C and Lymphoma

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Learn 2 Live

Thanks, Lucinda Our oncologist, yesterday, agreed we should watch his CMP's and PCR tests run routinely for a while, along with his other labs to monitor things. He had his last chemo treatment yesterday and things are looking great, considering. His ALT was slightly elevated; but only slightly and since everything else looked good, we're attributing it to the chemo for now. Thank you, so very much, for responding!

September 7, 2018 WI

Lucinda Porter, RN

I'm not sure what the standard protocols are for this, but at the very least, liver enzymes can be performed regularly, since these usually increase if HCV is active. Note that the data are mixed on reactivation, and although we aren't sure about this, we know the risk is relatively small.

August 30, 2018 California

Learn 2 Live

My husband was diagnosed with HCV in 2009, completing (successfully) treatment for it in 2010. This past summer, however, he was diagnosed with DLBCL and will be completing his 6th and final RCHOP treatment next week. Is there any school of thought in repeating some sort of Hep C treatment, proactively, after chemo to prevent a recurrence of the Hep C? We were told many of these chemo drugs are known to reactive any past viruses. At a minimum, we feel repeated PCR testing should be done.

August 30, 2018 WI

I'm one of those mentioned in this article. 6 sessions of chemo ended in Dec '15. Will deal w/VA on my hep c in a few months. I'm a Vietnam vet - Hep C could have been through army's innoculation process prior to Vietnam or to my drug use after service. I have used cannabis/coconut oil throughout my treatment and believe it has really been effective - I feel great. Like many things, time will tell - but have learned much about enjoying life and love and my passions as an artist.

August 2, 2016 MX


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