Hepatitis C taught me a few things, but much of what I know about my health, I learned the hard way. I learned the hard way that my health comes first. I learned the hard way that my health trumps everything, be it a deadline, promise, commitment, sense of obligation, love of another, a desire to do good, or any other reason. I learned the hard way to exercise every day; to sleep enough; to eat well, to meditate. I learned the hard way that if I don’t take care of myself, I can’t help anyone else. I learned the hard way, but I don’t have to learn this anymore; I got it now. 

It is possible to learn this stuff the easy way by learning from others. That’s what I learned from support groups, such as the HEP Forums

I am beginning to learn the easy way. In fact, right now I am taking care of my health in the easiest way imaginable - I am on vacation. 

Hoping you find out how to care for yourself in the easiest way possible...