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Hepatitis C: Great news for Australians!

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And alas, we have missed the December deadline now. My specialist seems to think probably May at this stage, although I doubt Gilead will drop their demands far enough tht the Govt would be able to afford to treat everyone. If and when the new meds are approved by Cabinet, triaged supply is inevitable.

December 6, 2015

Grace Campbell

I haven't heard a definitive "no" from the government or the PBS. I know that the AbbVIe drugs came up on this week's PBAC agenda as well as the others earlier this year. I haven't seen the recommendations yet. I heard a whisper on the wind that the PBAC had recommended them to the PBS, but that is NOT confirmed. The only thing I've seen is this press release from Hepatitis Aust. I'm asking round, though. People need to put pressure on our federal politicians - these are people's lives. These people matter. Lobby your fed member. Write to Sussan Ley. Talk to anyone who will listen. Make some noise. Often, good fortune comes to those who make it happen

July 25, 2015

Ralph Mapes

Dear Grace Correct me, the Federal Government has said no to funding at this last budget. Regards Ralph.

July 25, 2015


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