Today is one of my sick days - I’m currently working part time till treatment for my hepatitis C is finished or until I am feeling capable of working full time - whichever comes first. The good thing about these days is I get to do all the health-related stuff that otherwise would be piling up: blood tests, paperwork, appointments etc.

Yesterday I had a GP appointment because she is worried about my blood glucose levels. She thinks I’m diabetic as the last couple of results have been a bit weird: too high both fasting and non-fasting. She wanted to run a plethora of tests on me - a veritable alphabet soup of blood tests. I had to do a Hg1AC for glucose, an LDC and HDC for cholesterol and a urinary ACR to check for albumin.

“Put your blood into these three tubes and your urine into this teeny tiny jar without peeing all over the label, yourself, the bathroom and any people nearby.”

Has anyone else had to do a urine sample in a tiny bathroom with very little light and nowhere to put anything? The only place to put the teeny tiny jar was the top of the sanitary container as my bag was on the floor, plus my feet and the specimen bag and frankly I ran out of room after that. Of course I managed to put the teeny tiny jar on top of the infrared sensor that makes the lid lift up. I narrowly saved it from vanishing forever. Only my razor sharp reflexes stopped that test from being a complete disaster.  

The ACR is not back yet as I did not have enough urine to put into a teeny tiny jar the first time so had to go back after drinking a bottle of water. All the others are back and my GP rang me with the results.

Normal. All normal.

I don’t know what this means in terms of my ongoing blood glucose, but she wants me to monitor it anyway, as I am an “interesting and complex case”

Well I might be “interesting and complex” but I am also normal. And I have the paperwork to say so.