Necessity is not an established fact, but an interpretation. ~ Friederich Nietzsche


Life doesn’t care if someone has hepatitis C--it just goes on. We bring our expectations, attitude, and judgments to every situation, and sometimes hepatitis C makes us feel a bit impatient.

While walking in the patio furniture section of a large chain store, I observed a woman as she told her teenage boy to stay with her and not wander out of sight. She chastised her teenage daughter for something, and then wondered aloud with an exasperated tone why the store didn’t sell plain old-fashion chaises. In short, she expected the world to act a certain way, and she was not happy.

Most of us have expectations, particularly regarding healthcare. We expect return calls from our doctor’s office, for appointments to be on time, to have plenty of time to talk to the doctor, and for our lab results to be sent to our doctor’s office in time for our appointments. If the doctor prescribed the newest hepatitis C medications, we expect to get these drugs.

However, these things often don’t happen. Healthcare is overburdened and those who work in this field are very stressed. The current system is inefficient and mistakes happen. Insurance companies don’t want to pay for high-price drugs, so coverage may be denied or delayed.

The best I can do is to accept reality and not get worked up over it. When I am anxious about areas that I can’t control, I contribute to my own misery. When I let go of these problems, I focus on the real issues - my health and my well-being. Try it--your hepatitis C might be more bearable because of it.