America’s Prescription Drug Crisis

Whilst most of my work is focused on helping people with Hepatitis C access affordable treatment I am also very aware of the difficulties being faced by people in the USA where Big Pharma artificially inflates the price of critical medicines. The system in the USA is stacked against anyone who does not have the top range health insurance. Those who are called the “working poor.” People who do 40 hours of work each week for a paultry wage. A wage that might be just enough to pay for food and rent and the basics of living. These people struggle to find the money to live from day to day and if they suddenly need some kind of regular medication it’s almost impossible, or completely impossible, to find the money to buy what may be life-saving prescription medicines.

USA’s News Media Does Not Talk About This Problem
Every week hundreds of people in the USA die simply because they can not afford the medication needed to keep them alive because Big Pharma outrageously inflates the price of medication in the USA.

Every year more people die because of the high price of prescription medication in the USA than die from gun violence, yet the mainstream media ignores this huge problem.

Why? Is it because they are scared or Big Pharma? Or is it because they are owned by Big Pharma?

Whatever the reason the mainstream media in the USA just does not give this extremely important issue any serious attention. So it has been given to the Australian television show SBS Dateline to cover the story and I was privileged to be a part of this production.

Greg’s blog is reprinted with permission, and the views are entirely his.