Hepatitis C: A nasty little virus.

Today I received the email below from one of the people I recently assisted to buy generic Harvoni from India to cure their Hepatitis C genotype 1. As you will see when you read it after only four weeks of treatment using generic Harvoni this person has experienced some quite profound health improvements.

This made me realise that I should write a little about what the effects of Hepatitis C really are because many people, including doctors, often think that the damage that Hepatitis C does is restricted to the liver, this is not true.

The Hep C virus can cause profound health problems in seemingly unrelated areas of the body. I will discuss this in detail after the email below:

Subject: Health Improvements

Hi Greg
I wanted to write to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my health turn around for the good. I have just finished 1 bottle and I wasn’t expecting to feel any different this soon but I surely do!
One of the first things I noticed was I could finally get rid of water. For many years I have drank up to a gallon of liquids, flavoured water or diet soda each day …and taken diuretics but still I rarely got rid of much water at all.
It would build up inside me causing great discomfort and come out in sweat through the night!
But now my system is returning to normal and I’m not having that problem. Also it is very obvious to me that my energy level has increased dramatically. I can’t imagine how I will feel in a year.
Thank you again and I pray God blesses you for helping me.

The symptom described above is one I regularly come across with people suffering from Hepatitis C. In extreme cases this can result in people being hospitalised and have the body fluids drained from their body surgically.

Recently a man in Serbia was hospitalised with these symptoms and was literally at death’s door however I was able to get Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir to him and he started treatment. The symptoms soon subsided and with help and advice from Dr Freeman and Gea Vlad he was soon out of hospital and is now much recovered.

So just how extensive is the damage that the HCV can cause? Click here to continue learning about the damage that HCV can cause.