Hepatitis C is Easy to Cure: Just Do It!!!

A large part of my morning is spent answering emails and messages from people asking, or telling me, something about their Hep C experience. Some of these emails describe the negative side of the Hep C world.

The frustration of dealing with doctors who will not support a person’s decision to take the generic Hep C treatment option.

The refusal of health insurers to pay for the treatment

The terrible expense of treatment and getting the various blood tests and so on.

There are lots of negative stories coming from the Hepatitis C community but there are also many positive stories. They are the the other side of the coin and I receive many, many uplifting and inspiring stories from people who have taken responsibility for their own health and taken control of their own destiny by getting their own treatment organised and underway. These are people who adhere to that maxim made popular by Nike “Just Do It!”.

Below is one of these stories:

Hi, Greg,

Great news!! l have reached SVR12!!!! Thank you so much.

If you had not taken the risk by sending me the medication without prescription & without doctor supervision, l would not be cured.

Some people don’t understand that not all can afford the tests often associated with getting treatment nor can many afford to have competent doctors to supervise them… ( In my country sometimes interferon is still being recommended) . Or have the ability to go through public health triage system with the high risk that they will not get treatment anyway. So l really appreciate the work you do & I do feel sad regarding the controversy about the need for doctor supervision of treatment. Of course we ourselves need to take personal responsibility for our health condition and do some research before we start treatment.

To remind you of my history I was infected with Hepatitis C Genotype 3

Probably infected 25years ago.

Ultrasound showed cirrhosis.

Treatment was generic Epclusa, Velasof, 24 weeks

Minimal side effects during treatment. Went to Work every day. All bloods within range post treatment.

One very please result of this treatment is that many “unexplained” ailments are gone, such as chronic back pain, bleeding gums!

So far so good.

Yeah!!! And it feels great knowing I’m not infectious anymore!!????




Hepatitis C Cure, Treatment and Testing

Whilst in an ideal world it is great to have a knowledgeable doctor to supervise your treatment and it is wonderful to have all the tests that are available to people in wealthy nations like Australia or Europe, the reality is that in many, many countries around the world this is not possible. Just to get a viral load test will cost more than three months wages in many countries. To put that in First World terms it would be like a person in the USA or Australia having to find $12,000 just to get a viral load test!!!

So people with Hepatitis C in many poor countries have to make informed decisions about what action they take. If they have cirrhosis, severe liver damage and many of the debilitating symptoms of Hep C do they not start treatment because they can not afford to get a genotype test and a viral load test?

Do they just lay down and slowly die?

Of course not.

For me it is not a difficult question. If I was in that situation I would do treatment and get rid of the Hep C ASAP

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