I keep forgetting that the primary purpose of this blog is to assist others who might be following on the same hepatitis C treatment as me with a rough road map of the journey ahead. One of the important pieces of information I forgot to give you was my Week 12 results. I promise I’ll do better from now on. If I don’t forget.

I saw my specialist in Week 12. Much blood was taken, many smiles exchanged and everyone was ebullient.

My blood tests were emailed to me as usual.

Without further ado:
ALT 21 (Week 8 it was 23)
AST 23 (Week 8 it was 27)
GGT 28 (Week 8 it was 30)
No VL done.
All trending downward nicely.

Strangely - and with my blood test results there is always a “strangely” - my bilirubin has gone up again to 52 and my haemoglobin has dropped again to 109. They are putting it down to me and ribavirin and not worrying as everything else is within normal range apart from red blood cell stuff and I feel fine.

Halfway through and I can’t ask for more than that.

Side note - I think I have just completed Week 15! Nine weeks left to go!