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Hepatitis C: Blood Fear

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Grace Campbell

That's a great question Susan, thanks for allowing me the chance to answer it. Hepatitis C is NOT shared by kissing. In terms of sexual intercourse, the risk is uncertain. It increases if you have had multiple sexual partners or have had sexually transmitted diseases. "You may be at risk for hepatitis C and should contact your health care provider for a blood test if you: Were born from 1945 through 1965, regardless of any other HCV-related risk factors Were notified that you received blood or an organ from a donor who later tested positive for hepatitis C Have ever injected illegal drugs, even if you experimented a few times many years ago Received a blood transfusion or solid-organ transplant before 1992 Received a blood product for clotting problems before 1987 Have HIV Have ever been on long-term kidney dialysis Have evidence of liver disease (e.g., persistently abnormal liver function tests) Have an HCV-positive mother Have been exposed to HCV through your occupation (Note: The risk to health workers of acquiring HCV following a needlestick injury is quite low, averaging 1.8 percent) " (Taken from an article in Hep Mag on transmission of HCV. Click on the link to see the whole article)

July 14, 2015

susan meldrum

can you get hep c by body fluids by kissing or sex?

July 13, 2015


great statement! If I cut myself I would always yell at my husband "don't touch my blood!" I haven't looked at it through new eyes yet - interesting perspective! Prudence

July 12, 2015


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