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Hepatitis C Advocates Protest Corporate Greed

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Orlando Chavez

Gilead and Big Pharma are bringing this on themselves. There is a difference between profiting and profiteering and they know it and choose to ignore it with impunity. If you read the Senate Wyden-Grassley report you can see and read all about the impunity and reckless abandon and outright lies they pushed in order to pursue their profiteering goals. No credible advocates I know have ever said that reasonable profits are not in order to spur innovation. But they are talking about these life and death products as if they were simply another commodity. When they corner a market and then charge excessive prices, they are holding patient lives hostage.They may have golden parachutes and bloated salaries, but sooner or later they have to live in the world with the rest of us. We should not by any means accept the current paradigm in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry as normal and inevitable but instead recognize that these practices are sinking to new lows and until we organize to end them they will only get worse. They may be out to make a killing but we remain commited to ending the epidemic. #endhepc

January 14, 2016

Jeff Allwine

Good article and good for them. I am one of the lucky ones who was just cured with Harvoni. So I am blessed and a little biased. There is no easy answer and I believe that everyone should have access to this drug but to stop Pharmaceutical Companies from making a profit is not the answer. Maybe it is taxing the wealthy a little more or a combination. What happens when a Company finds the cure for Cancer should the government send the military in and take them over or declare them a state owned Company so everyone can get the cure. No of course not. But open dialog and people working together is the only answer. I remember my first trip to India on business. I sat in the back of a church in Bombay and cried over all the poverty. A priest came up to me and said that I could give all of my money away to the poor and I would be broke and the poor would still be poor but that I should just do what I can and do it out of Love. So yes lets protest and complain to the drug Companies about the prices and plead with the insurance Companies to make it easier to get the drugs. Maybe ask our Government to try what Australasia did. So lets all try everything we can so more people can get cured. Especially us that have been cured. We owe it to our fellow man to help them as well get this cure.

January 14, 2016


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