Look, we all make mistakes, okay? I make plenty of typing mistakes and the occasional spelling mistake. Heck, even the East Oregonian makes mistakes, with its report on the  MBL’s first amphibious pitcher.

Generally they are small and overlooked. Not yesterday.

I was so wrapped up in making sure I didn’t use the greengrocer’s apostrophe in the possessive  hero’s (heaven forfend that I should mis-type the word as heroe’s) that I forgot that the plural heroes needed an E.

Now to make that mistake in the body of the text is bad enough. But in the heading?

The horror, the horror.

The East Oregonian was humble enough to make an apology about their mistake and a rather cracking one it was.

I can only do the same, knowing that I join the ranks of many who only see their error after it’s gone live. And at least fifty people have seen it.


* translates roughly to "I’m so terribly sorry I can barely function looking at the monumental error I made.