What would you put in to a Hepatitis Awareness Month time capsule that will be opened in a hundred years? Assuming that viral hepatitis is eliminated, here is what I would put in a time capsule:

  • Testing kits for hepatitis B and C.
  • Medications to treat viral hepatitis.
  • A thumb drive with captured images of all the websites, blogs, support groups and information relating to these diseases.
  • Names and digital photographs of all the people who have died from viral hepatitis.
  • Names and digital photographs the health activists, medical researchers, and champions who worked tirelessly to raise awareness and change the world regarding viral hepatitis.
  • Our stories. I don’t want people to forget how it was and why we worked to change this. I want generations ahead of us to know how amazing their ancestors were, how amazing we are today. I want them to know that we persisted and prevailed. And if they are confronted seemingly insurmountable issues, here is what we did to overcome our challenges.
  • A note reminding our ancestors that if we can cure and eliminate viral hepatitis, we can cure other diseases. 

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