15th February 2016
I read this very sad post this morning on Facebook. From the daughter of a lovely lady who had just won the battle against Hep C but was taken by the side effects of Hepatitis C.
My mother ##### lost her battle to liver cancer this morning. She was just diagnosed Hep C FREE 3 weeks ago. The moment the doctor told her she was free of Hep C tears were streaming down her face with happiness. This Facebook group, Hepatitis C Treatment w/o Borders, gave my mother and myself so much courage and support.
Wanted to say a massive thank you to Greg Jefferys for helping guide us along the way and giving my mother the opportunity to being Hep C free.
I’m wishing everyone on here success in your treatment... and if you are having early signs of Cirrhosis get yourself checked and look after yourself as soon as possible.
My mother was scared to face the truth and waited way too long to start treatment, till she was so sick we finally came back to Melbourne and she was diagnosed with cancer caused from chronic cirrhosis. It’s been a tough 6 months for her but today she rests easy. Peace xx
Every day I am talking to people with Hep C and so many say “Oh I will a few months to see if my appeal to the health insurance company comes through.” or “I will wait to see if I can get this through the National Health Service.”
And I say don’t wait. With Hep C things can go very bad very fast. This happened to me. I went from being very healthy to very sick in just a couple of months. I hear of this happening all the time. Suddenly, after 30 or 40 years of being passive, the virus becomes aggressive. Suddenly damage starts occurring.
Don’t wait, don’t put it off. Get treatment now and get well. Don’t wait until it is too late. Hepatitis C is now an easy disease to treatment and with generic treatment the cost is within the reach of most people.
CNN News Story
One of the most powerful tools we have against Big Pharma is a free and fair Press. The terrible injustice being inflicted upon humanity by companies like Gilead is finally getting more and more media coverage.
I recently did an online interview with a reporter from the US based television network CNN. She was particularly interested in the Indian generics situation and how I was helping people in the USA access generic Hep C treatment, either by assisting them with getting the medicines shipped to the USA or with helping them with making contacts in India.
She would really like to speak with some folk from the USA who have been down the generics path. Particularly she is interested in the story of the frustration of dealing with Health Insurance companies who will not pay for the treatment. The frustration of being told “You are not sick enough!” to qualify for the treatment.
If you would like to talk to this CNN reporter about your experience please email me and I will give you her contact details.