man_on_mountain_sunset.jpgGreat benefits come from sharing Hep C Triple Therapy Patient Experiences. Today we continue with Hep C Warrior Malc’s treatment experience part 2. See link below for part 1.

When I began treatment, my viral load was 3 1/2 million. After 4 weeks it was 48 at week 8 and 12 it was undetectable. Two weeks into my treatment, I broke a tooth, which had to be extracted. Because of the Peg Interferon, the extraction site did not heal. It soon became infected. I was given a course of antibiotics three times, but each time the infection returned.

On Sunday the 19th of May I started to feel very unwell. Yesterday the 21st I became seriously ill. I was seen by an emergency doctor, who felt I should go straight to hospital. I had a temperature, lethargy, shaking, disorientated, could hardly walk. The doctor decided to contact my Hep C specialist. They agreed it was not caused by the Hep C treatment, but the gum infection was possibly spreading. So the doctor put me on three antibiotics, which should begin to work very quickly.

She gave me a letter to take home explaining the symptoms, which I could take to the emergency hospital if things got worse out of hours. But praise God the infection seems to have become contained for the moment. I’m waiting for emergency treatment at hospital, where I will have gum opened and infection removed, then sutured back. I will probably stay in hospital overnight. My advice to fellow warriors is, try to avoid dental treatment if possible.

The update as of Thursday May 23rd, I went to the Dental Hospital, had x rays, blood tests. The original extraction site has not healed but had no infection. The original infection has spread to my three front teeth, which now also have to be extracted; so I won’t be smiling for a while!

The greatest blessing although these problems are unpleasant, the Lord Jesus Christ is with me all the way. My brothers and sisters at my local church have been so supportive. Their loving daily prayers along with the prayers of other warriors has made this difficult time of little consequence.

When you depend completely on the Lord Jesus, nothing else seems to matter too much. The final outcome of the infection and the Hep C therapy is all in God’s hands. While I have been unable to function normally over the last few months my great friend has been my Bible. God has really used this time of weakness to put me in the right place spiritually. My walk with the Lord Jesus is closer than it has ever been.

Before treatment, my time was spent on the streets of London giving out the Gospel, telling people of the wonderful Good News of our Savior Jesus Christ. When this dental infection is resolved, I shall be back on the streets of London doing what I love, sharing the Word of God to the lost souls of this lower world.

The Great Commission in the Bible is to go out into all the world and spread the Gospel of Christ. As our pastor often says: “All the world comes to London”, it’s the most visited city in the world. Our pastor and his wife are American. They have five children, and grandchildren who all still live in America, but they have been in England for 45 years. Pastor was saved, and went to Bible College in 1963. He began minstery two weeks after finishing college.

He and his wife are from Indiana. He pastored a church in New York for some time, then in South Africa, Then came to England. He goes out on the streets every day of the week, except Sunday, spreading the wonderful Good News of the Kingdom of God. He’s been to many parts of the world handing out tracts, and sharing the Good News. He and his wife are a great examples of lives committed to serving God completely by faith, and faith alone.

The Hep C Warriors Friday Forum Support Group has been such a blessing. Keep up the good work Connie! If all the Warriors stick together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we’ll be winners whatever the outcome. Praise the Lord God Almighty for his unceasing blessings. 1 Peter 1:3-16 KJV

Malc, you are a very Courageous Hep C Warrior! Thank you for sharing your treatment experience with us. We are praying for you and cheering you on.