Hep C Patient Denise shares her Hep C treatment experience with Viekira. Join us has we pick up on Denise’s story in part 2 today. Click here to read part 2 of Connie’s interview with Denise.

Hep C treatment Viekira Pak helps bring the cure to Hep C patient Denise. After great perseverance Denise fought for Hep C treatment and won. Denise shares her Hep C treatment experience this week on Life Beyond Hep C.

To read part 1 of Denise’s interview, see link below. Let’s pick up on hearing more about Denise’s treatment experience.

Connie: What side effects did you experience with Viekira Pak?
Denise: Being tired and sometime I would have an upset stomach. Occasionally I would have loose stools and every now and then I’d have headaches.

Connie: Is there anything that helped you with side effects (any medications or products, foods, etc…)?
Denise: Yes, eating rice, and drinking water. You really have to watch what you eat.

Connie: Did you have any dietary requirement with your treatment?
Denise: No, there wasn’t any dietary requirements with Viekira Pak.

Connie: How did you chart or keep up with your treatment meds?
Denise: I’ve been keeping a journal from the 1st day to now.

Connie: What was your greatest treatment challenge or challenges?
Denise: By working afternoons when I first started taking my medication, I just wanted to stay in bed. When starting treatment, you’re going to be tired. But, my faith has always kept me going. I have a family, a career, and a life which I love. I wasn’t going to let Hep C beat me.

Connie: Is there any advice you can offer other Hep C patients or their families about treatment?
Denise: Take it one day at a time. If you feel tired, rest as much as you can. Watch what you eat. Get ready for battle, and do your reading about Hepatitis C.

Connie: How often did you do lab work?
Denise: Once a week from September 12, 2016 to October 10, 2016 I did blood work which was a Liver profile, Creatinine, CBC and differential. Also they ran a Hep C (RNA) quantitative test. In November and December I only had to have blood work done once. I saw my doctor in January 2017 when I finished my meds. In January 2017 I did lab work again. At the end of this February and May I’ll also do blood work and in June I’ll see my doctor again. I’ve also had the Hepatitis A vaccine and next week I’ll have a follow up ultrasound of my abdomen.

Connie: Did you have to use a red blood cell stimulant like Procrit or Neupogen? Or did you have a blood transfusion or been hospitalized while you were on treatment?
Denise: No, I did not have any of those.

Connie: Did you deal with any depression, anxiety or sleep issues while doing this treatment?
Denise: I was on 5mg sleep pills once a month then they cut it down later. For me I didn’t have any depression or anxiety.

Connie: Is there anything else that meant a lot to you or helped you with side effects and your overall treatment experience (any medication, products, foods, support from others, God, prayer, etc…)?
Denise: Just pray and never stop moving. This isn’t your fault. It’s wild to find out you have a virus that has been hiding inside you for years. I’ve worked in health care since I was 26. I will be 60 in April 2017.

Connie: Did you get results from your treatment?
Denise: Yes, I received Non-Detected for the virus.

Connie: Congratulations Denise! We are so thrilled for you. I know you are so relieved and happy. This is great news.

Connie: Were you able to work or did you alter your schedule or take medical leave while you were on treatment?
Denise: No, I worked and was able to do everything I did before I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

Connie: How do you feel at this time?
Denise: Grateful. I feel like my body has been cleaned.

Connie: Do you have any other important information you’d like to share?
Denise: Since everyone is different you have to find what is going to work for you. Pray, read this website (Life Beyond Hep C) and love yourself.

Connie: Thank you Denise for sharing your amazing story. You are a Mighty Hep C Warrior! We Praise God for your victory. I know many will be greatly encouraged from your journey. You have a long wonderful life ahead of you my friend!