20th September
A sudden and unexpected development has occurred that reminds us that the reach of Big Pharma into governments and bureaucracies is profound. Because of its money and influence we have just seen how Big Pharma is threatening to postpone or stop the release of generic Harvoni in India.
Now the same kind of thing is happening in Australia. Yes Big Pharma can even reach into the Australian Department of Health.
Yesterday the ADH issued a directive to all Australian compounding chemists telling them not to put Hep C APIs into capsules for people suffering from Hep C.
Yes the Australian Department of Health is trying to stop Hep C patients treating their Hep C with APIs by forcing compounding chemist to stop mixing and encapsulating the APIs making safe doses.
What will the affect of this be? 
Well quite simply people will have to start mixing the doses themselves and putting them into capsules themselves. Indeed they have already starting doing so.
So what have the clowns at the Australian Department of Health achieved ? They have removed a safe and effective method of turning the APIs into usable does and forced people to use ’back yard" methods.
This is typical of the short sighted and narrow mindedness that pervades Australia’s medical “establishment”. Don’t worry about the fact that 2 Australians are dying every day from Hep C. Don’t worry about the fact that here is a cheap accessible and reliable treatment that costs the government nothing and is curing hundreds of Australians of Hep C right now. No... just listen to what Big Pharma wants and do that. Pathetic!
Two Emails on this subject
Hi Greg,
A new development, the compounding pharmacist I used before to make my Daclatasvir API into capsules now refuses to do it . Their professional body has issued a directive that they are not to compound the Daclatasvir due to it coming from China and exposing them to some form of liability. Could you see if your contact  in Tasmania will still do it and if so could you give me   an introduction or an address and phone number . Big Pharma and vested interests, shit so much for a cohesive Australia, empathy towards fellow Australians is non existent - The pharmacist organization is so corrupt!
And Again
I took my Dac concentrate to the compounding pharmacy. The chemist rang me to say the Australian Health Department has put out a stop on the concentrates being capsulated as they have had reports that some of the chemicals coming in are a scam. He said he would try to talk with the AHD and resolve this problem for me
He received this notification from the AHD yesterday. So this might be the first you hear of it
Regrettable.... I may have to make up the caps myself. It can’t be that difficult can it?  Just mix it in a bowl in the correct ratios for an hour with ?glucose? Then pack it up... 
I will keep you posted. The Chemist seemed very sorry about this situation but he is concerned about liability down the track. He did say that if my doctor wrote to him to accept any liability he may cap the medication then... I don’t feel my doctor should have to do this... Its not fair... I may have to get a solicitor to write up some sort of disclaimer...
So even in places like Australia Big Pharma can pull strings in government and bend the bureaucrats to do its will.
And how do we respond to the machinations of Big Pharma and the medical establishment? We find another way... 
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