This blog pertains not only to those who have completed hepatitis C treatment, but also to those still battling this disease, and those who have discovered they are infected but have not yet been treated. What you SHOULDN’T DO is equally as important as what you should be doing. Previously, I’ve covered some of the things you should be doing post treatment, such as eating a balanced diet, staying active, drinking plenty of  water, getting adequate rest, etc. These post treatment suggestions are also good for you if you’re still in treatment or contemplating treatment. Your health is THE most precious commodity, so take care of yourself please! However, even if you do all these things, if you’re living a “self-destructive” lifestyle, you are sabotaging you’re efforts and causing further damage to your liver and other organs. 
A lot of folks, not all of course, contracted this disease by sharing needles for intravenous drug use, or in cases such as mine, by using the same straw, rolled up bill, or other hollow tube to inhale (snort) cocaine. Continued use of illegal drugs, and/or abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol will keep on ruining your health. Stop and think about it for a moment. Why go thru hepatitis C treatment to cure a potentially deadly disease only to go right back to hammering your body with drugs...especially those that stress out your liver, the very organ you are trying to cure!  After you have completed hepatitis C treatment, your body is in a weakened state due to the drugs you were taking to rid yourself of this disease. If you immediately go back to drinking, snorting, dropping...whatever, you are damaging an already fragile vessel, namely your Body! Heaven forbid you never stopped doing drugs and continued through the treatment process. Your weakened body then has to face further destruction with illegal (or legal if you continued drinking) substances.
Look, no matter how you contracted hepatitis C the fact is that now you have it. Treat the disease, don’t treat it, think about entering doesn’t matter what “stage” you are going through. You need to help your body out as much as possible by fighting to stop this disease from inflecting more punishment on your liver and other organs. You are in this fight to WIN. Don’t just show up and say I gave it a shot...give it your all! Take care of yourself the best you can and get your body in the best shape you can. If you are having a problem with drugs or alcohol talk with someone and let them know. Get the help you need and prepare for winning this fight to rid this disease from your body so you can lead a healthy life without the threat of hepatitis looming over you. If no one has told you today, let me be the first to say...I believe in You!