Hep C Patient Christine shares her hep C treatment Harvoni experience. Check out Christine’s part 1 and part 2 interview. Pull up a chair and grab your favorite cup of jo’ as we join Christine today.

Connie: Did you have any dietary requirement with your treatment meds?

Christine: No there were no dietary requirements with Harvoni.

Connie: How did you chart or keep up with your treatment meds?

Christine: I wrote the first letter of each day of the week, in blocks of one week at a time on the medication bottles. Each evening I took one tablet out and held it in my hand while I prayed and thanked God for His grace in providing for my needs. I had been encouraged by a fellow warrior who had done this, so thank you for that. I crossed off the letter of the week on the bottle after I swallowed the tablet.

Connie: What was your greatest treatment challenge or challenges?

Christine: Probably putting my own needs first.

Connie: Is there any advice you can offer other Hep C patients or their families about treatment?

Christine: Know that you are precious. Be proactive and do what you can toward securing treatment. God loves you and he will provide. And for the family, please support your loved one through this. They feel isolated enough already and need to be loved.

Connie: What has your blood work been like? 

Christine: My blood work was normal at the first 2 week check!!

Connie: Did you have to use a red blood cell stimulant like Procrit or Neupogen?  Have you had a blood transfusion or been hospitalized while you were on treatment?

Christine: No I didn’t have to use any red blood cell stimulant, nor did I need a blood transfusion or been hospitalized.

Connie: Did your treatment medication have to be changed in any way during the course of your treatment?

Christine: No, my treatment medication did not change at all.

Connie: Did you deal with any depression or anxiety or sleep issues while doing Harvoni?

Christine: No, I didn’t experience any depression or anxiety with Harvoni or insomnia during treatment, only waking to use the bathroom due to the increased fluid intake!

Connie: Is there anything else that meant a lot to you or helped you with side effects and your overall treatment experience?

Christine: The greatest help was prayer and the knowledge of God’s love for me.

Connie: How long have you been in post treatment recovery?

Christine: I completed treatment Nov 20th 2016.

Connie: Did you get results from treatment (Non-Detected status for the virus)? At what week or weeks was blood tests done?

Christine: My bloods tests were taken at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 8 weeks into treatment. l’m having them again at 12 weeks post treatment. The first blood test was taken at 2 weeks which came back UNDETECTED and my hepatologist nurse rang with the wonderful news. I cried and thanked God.

Connie: Congratulations my friend!! That is outstanding. I am so happy for you. It’s great to hear another Hep C giant has bit the dust.  Praise God! 

Connie: Were you able to work? Did you alter your schedule? Or take medical leave?

Christine:  l had no choice but to work through treatment. I arranged a week off on holiday pay towards the end of treatment. I could not alter my long days 12 and a half hour shifts but l managed to survive.

Connie: How do you feel at this time?

Christine: Thankful. Writing this now l have tears in my eyes. I have increased energy. My vision has improved. I no longer feel apprehensive to hug or touch other people. Freedom. So blessed. God has given me my life back and l know He has a plan and purpose for my life.

Connie: Wow! Congratulations Christine. You have a very inspiring story full of hope. I am thrilled to hear you are free from Hep C and doing so well. You are a tremendous trooper. We are celebrating all that God has done with your victory!  Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C, and is reprinted with permission.