A little jet lagged today; after a week in Chennai my body had just got used to India time and climate only to be thrown back into Tasmania time and climate. From days of temperatures of around 40c to days where the temperature does not exceed 14c.
I phoned the doctor’s clinic this morning and made an appointment for 10 on Monday morning but decided to start to take the tablets today. One Myhep (sofosbuvir) and six ribavirin (three twice daily).
There is a very comprehensive data sheet included with the sofosbuvir and it has a lot of information about possible side effects and various other stuff. Specifically it says that sofosbuvir can be taken with food or not with food, so I take the tablet with my breakfast.
It is a large reddish brown tablet (Sovaldi is white) and as I tip the tablet from the jar into the palm of my hand I marvel again that this little jar of tablets would cost me $30,000 if I could have afforded to purchase it in Australia. So I swallow the $1,000 pill and eat breakfast. 
I decided to start with the generic Myhep and save the Sovaldi until the second month just to see how the results with viral load go just with the generic brand.