13th August 2015
Well it’s one of those weeks when a whole lot of stuff is converging for the perfect storm... well I hope it’s not a storm; but a whole lot of stuff is converging.
Tomorrow is the last day of my 12 week treatment on generic Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin. By co-incidence I am also booked in for my last lot of blood tests including a viral load tomorrow as well: 9 a.m. sharp! I will share the results when I have them next week.
After the blood tests I drive out to meet the film crew from a national current affair program who are planning a story on the whole Hep C controversy. Then on the weekend I am hoping a similar story will be taken up by the national newspapers.
If those two things happen I am again hoping that one of the stories will get picked up by an international news service and cause some ripples around the world. 
The Hep C story needs more attention!
Tens of millions of people are suffering and dying from a disease that could be cured... even entirely removed from the Earth; the only thing preventing the cure of these millions and millions of people and the eradication of this terrible disease is greed. Greed and the power that immensely wealthy corporations can exert over governments and individual politicians.
It could be a busy week for me next week.