Hep C patient Jean receives the cure from Hepatitis C with Mavyret and gains a new future ahead. Jean continues to share her treatment experience, part 2 today on Life Beyond Hepatitis C. Click here to read part 1 of Jean’s story.

Connie: Can you share with us why Mavyret was the choice for you?

Jean: My doctor felt this would be the best one for me and recommended it.

Connie: Was your treatment with Mavyret pills, injections, or both?

Jean: It was all pills. I took 3 pills a day with my dinner.

Connie: What side effects did you experience with Mavyret?

Jean: I did not experience any side effects.

Connie: Did you have any dietary requirement with your treatment?

Jean: It was suggested that I eat a lower sodium diet, no sweets or bad fats.

Connie: How did you chart or keep up with your treatment meds?

Jean: The box that Mavyret came in made it really easy to keep track of it. I had the box always sitting at my place at the dinner table.

Connie: What was your greatest treatment challenge or challenges?

Jean: I was pretty concerned that I couldn’t keep up the diet and especially the exercise but I did.

Connie: Is there any advice you can offer other Hep C patients or their families about treatment?

Jean: Hep C is so treatable now, but you must be wise and treat your liver with kid gloves. Absolutely no alcohol. Smoking can really be bad for your liver also. If you feel helpless in changing your lifestyle, there is One who is waiting for you to ask for help, his name is Jesus. He is ever ready to help you. Also, this website has some great folks who have overcome this disease. They are so kind and knowledgeable and ready to help. Just don’t give up. If one round of treatment doesn’t work, your doc will prescribe another one.

Connie: What was your blood work been like? Can you share any details?

Jean: My doctor only took blood before and after my treatment. The doctor will take it again in 3 months after treatment also.

Connie: Did you have to use any red blood cell stimulant like Procrit or Neupogen? Did you have to have a blood transfusion or were you hospitalized while you were on treatment?

Jean: No, I didn’t have to do any of those.

Connie: Was your treatment meds changed in any way during your treatment?

Jean: No, it stayed the same.

Connie: Did you deal with any depression, anxiety, or sleep issues while taking Mavyret?

Jean: I only had some sleep issues, but I had them before treatment.

Connie: Is there anything else that meant a lot to you or helped you with your overall treatment experience?

Jean: Yes, I found comfort in knowing God is for me and not against me even though I didn’t deserve His love and care.

Connie: How long have you been in post-treatment?

Jean: As of this interview posting, almost 5 weeks.

Connie: Did you get results from your treatment with Mavyret?

Jean: Yes! It shows the Hep C virus is NON-DETECTED!

Connie: Jean, that is fantastic!!! Congratulations! I am thrilled for you.

Connie: Were you able to work during your treatment or did you have to alter your schedule or take medical leave?

Jean: Yes, I was able to work. I actually felt better than ever.

Connie: How do you feel at this time?

Jean: I am greatly relieved yet determined to get rid of my fatty liver also.

Connie: Thank you, Jean, for sharing your treatment experience with Mavyret. Hep C patients who share their treatment experience are giving others a hand of help to get through their own journey. Your story is a gift of hope. Congratulations on your cure and bright future! God Bless You!

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C, and is reprinted with permission.