Here is an interesting email I received today from a guy who I sent Hep C medication to three years ago.
Apart from the good news about clearing his Hep C he also mentioned that the 24 week treatment with Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir cleared his herpes virus.
Now as far as I know there has not been any work done on DAAs and Herpes, but over the years I have had a few emails from folk who have done the DAA treatment for Hep C and found that their herpes was cured as well.

I know some of my medical and scientific readers will immediately by outraged by this post and call for me to be pilloried for making unsubstantiated claims; however I am not making any claims, just reporting what I have been hearing because the whole DAA thing is so new.
It is interesting!!!

“Hi Greg.
I am the American, living in Pattaya. You helped me before. I took the 2 courses of India meds. Cured my hep c. And my herpes. Still no outbreak. 3 years. Good for me. Thanks, to you, for helping people. Much appreciated.
I recently had many health tests. 68. In pretty good shape. I do not take any meds regularly. Even my CIMT and PSA Tests were great.
I felt close to death when I arrived here, just over 3 years ago.
Thanks, again.”

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