Welcome to Hep C Healthy Highlights. This is an exciting day. Today we’re saddling up together to move toward better health and wellness in every area of our lives. You may have Hep C or you may have already received the cure. No matter where you are in your journey with Hep C, we all know our lives are filled with day to day busyness.  In spite of Hep C, we all have area’s we’d like to improve and goals to achieve, right?

I’ll be teaching and coaching each week on a variety of health & wellness topics. Many of you have already shouted out what area’s you’d like to work on; how to set goals and prioritize, how to work on a balanced scheduled, financial goals, weight loss, fitness, how to use your talents and gifts, how to share the gospel, how to improve emotional balance, how to overcome challenges with Hep C and more.

I’m excited to share teaching in each of these areas and more. Here’s what I need from you, I need you to make a commitment to engage in all the topics we will be going over, why? Because each session will have core steps that will apply to every goal you are working on.  I promise each session will be filled with nuggets you can apply directly to your goals.

I’d like for you to visualize us coming together each week in a comfortable setting. This is YOUR time. I promise, if you take to heart these steps, you will see results in your life. Make this a priority and you’ll see the impossible unfold to reality in ways you never thought possible before.

We all have habits we’d like to break and goals we’d like to achieve right? I’m holding up my hand for sure. When I get a goal completed, I’m moving onto the next. I’ve experienced great success in areas where I was once stuck and unproductive. I can’t wait to share these action steps for every Healthy Highlight topic we have ahead.

Go grab a cup of coffee and a notebook. Let’s get started.

There are core methods you need to learn that will apply to all your goals. If you use these, you will see immediate results each week, if you don’t use them, guess what? They won’t work.  It’s that simple. You need to learn these because I will be referencing them throughout our entire Healthy Highlight Sessions. I’ll tailor each healthy topic to the core methods I’m teaching, so it’s important you learn the basics...To read the rest of Hep C Healthy Highlights Session 1, click here

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C, February 4, 2016 and is reprinted with permission.