Aging, sickness and death are suffering.

Loss, grief, and despair are suffering.

To lose what you love is suffering.

To be with the undesired is suffering.


Yea, there is suffering. We all need healing at different times in our lives. At some point we need healing for physical illness. Healing is always possible, sometimes through the healing of the body, and often in alignment with the healing of the heart, the spirit, and the soul.

To heal in difficult times we cannot reject our illness and grief, or with anger and aversion try to get rid of them. We have to bring a tender, healing energy to all that is sick or torn, what is broken or lost. The Buddhist dedication to healing is similar to the spirit of Jesus: “May I be the healing medicine for all who are sick. May I bring healing to myself and others.”

We begin by understanding that healing is possible and that we can be a part of that healing. To do so, we must become tender and wise with ourselves and those around us, especially when we are experiencing fear and grief ourselves.

Sometimes this healing asks that we become present for ourselves. I have found this to be true for myself, and know it is available for us all.

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Take care, and remember,

Anything is Possible.