After I was diagnosed and was in the Oh My Gosh I Can’t Believe It’s Cancer stage, my first Google searches were about what to do when you find out you have cancer. I wanted a Healing HCC Liver Cancer Retreat. Honestly? I was looking for was a place to run and hide. You know, kind of hunker down and prepare for what’s next. I found cancer retreats all over the country. The pictures and descriptions sounded so healing.... But, they cost bunches of bucks that I didn’t have.

I looked around at my little farm house and began to think of it as a retreat center. I’ve been on lots of spiritual and educational retreats. I have also had the opportunity to lead workshops in many retreats over the years.

Retreats are always a chance to hit the reset button, take a breather from routine, be pampered, listen to yourself. Say NO to something. Say YES to something.

Here is what I look for in a good retreat:

  • Education - Tell me something new or show me how to apply what I already know!
  • Time for reflection and writing - Give me some time to just think and be.
  • Interaction with smart and caring people - Teach me what have you learned in life that I need to know.
  • Healthy delicious meals - Good food to help me feel better.
  • Clean and quiet surroundings - Nothing screaming to be done. 

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