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Ethanol Alcohol Ablation for HCC

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Hi Karen, I heard the Great news about your New Liver, How Awesome is that ? So happy for you and your family and friends, I bet you are beside yourself now! I have enjoyed reading your blog posts, You are A New Hero to me, after all the struggle I have been thru now at week 7 on Harvoni, I'm feeling better and learning from all your blog posts, what to eat, I have lost 14 lbs, and it's healthy eating that is making me feel well, I took off work to finish treatment... I'm inspired by your courage, and I Give Glory to Jesus for You!

April 20, 2015

Karen Hoyt

Matt, I love it that we connected on the song lyrics. They truly wrote the poetry of our generation. It is totally cool when we spark ideas with each other. We are all in this together! It was kind of you to ask and please give me a heads up when you post the piece! I can't wait to read it. Keep shining dear friend, Karen:)

April 9, 2015

Matt Starr

Karen, Hope you are feeling well after your procedure. I was moved by your recent blog that used Bridge Over Troubled Waters as a touchstone. I was hospitalized myself when that came out. It made me cry, but helped a lot. I am home and writing again, and wanted to use on part of that song, Sail On…., if that is ok with you. Can you let me know. I will gleefully reference you. I just didn't want to appear to be using some of your thoughts without asking. Your fellow hepmag contributed, Matt Starr, CPCC CTI Health and Personal Life Coach

April 9, 2015


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