Another one rolls around!

You get wishes on your birthday right? Is it one? Two? Three?

I’m taking three.

Wish 1: That the amazing developments we’ve seen with Hepatitis C treatments continue into the future. Let’s get rid of this virus. A vaccine would be nice, but if I can’t have that as a wish I’m going to wish for a cure for everyone. We deserve it. No one should have to live with the debilitating fear and the health issues that accompany this virus.

Wish 2: That we have support as we travel down the road of hep c treatment. It’s hard enough to do it with the support of friends and family, I can’t imagine not having that support. So there’s wish 2. Support for everyone that needs it.

Wish 3: This is a selfish one. But it’s my birthday, right? I hope this treatment works for me. I’m sick of living with Hepatitis C. I’d like to have that weight lifted from my soul. Sub wish - I hope it works for you, too. 

So, as I blow out enough candles to set off the fire alarm and summon the fire brigade, close your eyes and make a wish yourself.

I hope yours come true.

I hope mine come true too.

Hip hip hooray!