Fifteen years post-Sixth Sense, a now-26-year-old, bearded Haley Joel Osment is poised to make a major comeback, starring in a new film out this month that’s all about sex.

The micro-budget romantic comedy, Sex Ed, hits theaters Friday, November 7. In it, Osment plays a young teacher who lands his first gig at an inner-city school in Tampa, Florida. The topic he’s assigned? Of course, it’s sexual education.

In the film, Osment plays Ed, the awkward, charming newcomer who, coincidentally, is a virgin himself. His main foe in the film is a local pastor who has so far impeded all school efforts to teach students about sexuality beyond abstinence and scare tactics.

In a recent interview with the Daily Beast, the former child star talked about why he decided to make this film the major breakout of his adult career:

“Too many people don’t get sex ed. A lot of my friends who went to all-girls high schools in California received the ’abstinence-only, masturbation is wrong’-style of sex ed, which is crazy in the 21st century. The correlation between abstinence-only education and things like teen pregnancy, STDs, etc. is remarkably clear.”

We couldn’t agree with Osment more. Looking forward to the actor’s second, decidedly more grown-up ascent to fame.