Despite my tendency to rant and rave about the corruption in government and other civil organisations associated with the global Hepatitis C situation there is also a lot of good news, really good things happening around the world.
Some people might have thought that I am anti-Italian because of my recent “Italian Story” series however this is not the case.
One of the interesting things about Italy is that whilst the laws are bad and there are problems with Italy’s Hepatitis C advocacy groups the Italian medical professionals, doctors, nurses and hospitals, have been amongst the best in the world for supporting people choosing to do generic Hep C treatment.
The story below was sent to me today from an Italian guy who has completed his treatment and is sharing his insights into the whole process. It highlights many important aspects of doing treatment and also how good the Italian medical people were in supporting him.
HI Greg
As you asked I have written the story of my journey to being clear of Hepatitis C. I hope that it will be helpful to others thinking of following a similar path...
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